Smart Access COntrol SOlutions

Secure your building with the most innovative and flexible access control system. 

upgrade to intelligent locking...

With our extensive range of hardware, you can now lock everything, from doors, gates, barriers, cabinets, lockers and multi point locks. Integrating with all industry applications, including both on premises and cloud based, our solutions will scale to fit and grow with any business. This allows for full control of the system from anywhere. The digital keys increase the ease of use and security of your facility. 

Complete building management

What we offer:

  • Complete Salto Product Range
  • Complete Ojmar Product Range
  • Systems Integration
  • Software and Technical Training
  • Software Support Service Level Agreements
  • System Upgrades + Updates
  • Commissioning

Hotel & Leisure

Increase the security and safety of guests
without compromising the full guest experience. 


Have complete control over your
commercial facility with a flexible and scalable system.


Manage educational facilities with high level security whilst maintaining accessibility and ease of use.