Create a secure and welcoming environment for learning

protect the future

Having a secure access control system in educational environments is vital when creating a safe space to teach and learn. Make the student and staff experience more convenient and secure with the use of keyless technology. Give access to all of the different facilities on campus such as classrooms, shared work spaces, lockers, libraries, gyms, canteen payments and much more all on one card or digital credential. 

Peace of mind

With the amount of students and teachers leaving school each year and losing their keys, gaining the ability to cancel cards in real time can help to keep the premises secure. Within this busy environment, emergencies can happen. Gain peace of mind, through the ability to lockdown areas in the facility immediately by staff in the rooms or remotely from admin. With AMOK enabled escutcheons, anybody with AMOK privileges on the system can lock a classroom door on the inside by placing a card on the inside reader, increasing security in an emergency.

Seamless integration

Integrates with building systems, security systems and property management software with centralised control. Compatible with any SQL based campus systems with LAN/WAN capabilities.