Secure commercial spaces with an intelligent, wire free access control system applicable to any commercial space


Gain 24/7 visibility of activity throughout the whole building. Protect staff, assets and visitors with the ability to cancel keys instantly and update user access levels.


Smart access control system that eliminates the issue of lost and copied keys. Increase security levels with access reports and audit trails. 


The system is built to work with any door or access point. It is easily upgradable to scale with any commercial space and integrates with building systems.

New levels of control

Improve security and safety for staff by managing access levels and giving visitors time restricted access in real time. Gain control over multiple sites with one central platform accessible on any browser.

Obtain real time data on usage of access points to analyse and manage the different areas of your corporate space. Increase productivity with automated task functions. 

Smartphone access

Upgrade to using smartphones as keys, creating ease for users. Integrate access control to commercial building apps for a more user friendly experience. 

Any commercial application

Shared work spaces, manufacturing facilities, factories, logistics, airports, public sector and more.